About breathwork


What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an experiential and transpersonal therapeutic practice. It uses conscious connected breathing and mind-body techniques to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.

Through a guided dynamic breathing pattern, body awareness and connected breathing, a participant enters a meditative and altered-state of consciousness. In this state, the participant accesses memories, thoughts, feelings and sensations, which are then amplified and released.

Transition Breath

Transition Breath practices a breathwork technique developed by Mirabai Vines (Rising Vines Integrative Therapies), and informed by other breathwork practices, such as Holotropic Breathwork, rebirthing and Wim Hof. Transition Breath also integrates practices from shamanic traditions, contemplative practices, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, Carl Jung (depth psychology), Joseph Campbell (rites of passage) and psychedelic therapy.

Other therapeutic practices integrated into a Transition Breath therapy session include:

  • Inner-child/energy body dialogue;

  • trauma and body awareness techniques;

  • music therapy;

  • bodywork; and

  • is process-orientated.

Why breathwork?

Breathwork therapy assists with a broad range of presenting issues. Such as:

  • feelings and experiences associated with anxiety and depression;

  • trauma (including early childhood and inter-generational);

  • behavioural issues (for example shyness, low-self esteem, procrastination, disassociation and addictive behaviours);

  • stress and pain relief;

  • body concerns (including eating disorders);

  • sex and sexuality (including matters relating to the LGBTQI community);

  • relational material (such as relationships at work, in the family, between friends and your partner(s));

  • spiritual questions and spiritual experiences;

  • further exploring material from plant medicine experiences;

  • interest in altered-state therapies;

  • life purpose and mindfulness questions; and

  • those with a curiosity about breathwork and wanting to improve general wellbeing.

Typical session (2 hour)

A breathwork session with Transition Breath commences with a general discussion about your wellbeing, life events and any presenting material. This is followed by a discussion about your intention for the session.

Once an intention has been established, you will commence the breathwork session that typically spans approximately one and a half hours. This is followed by an integration and a post-breathe debrief.

Remember, no therapy is a silver bullet. Like any therapeutic practice, conventional or alternative, breathwork takes time. Although one session will be an experience, accessing unconscious material can take time and for this reason, several breathwork sessions is recommended.