Joshua Alexander

Joshua is a qualified breathwork practitioner, having completed a two year practitioner training course with Mirabai Vines Integrated Therapies in 2018.

Joshua was introduced to the transformative effect of contemplative practices whilst living and traveling abroad in 2009-10. It was during that journey Joshua met with mystics in Syria, Turkey and India, participated in nature-based meditations in Nepal and India, and was introduced to Vipassana meditation in Myanmar/Burma. These experiences had a profound effect on Joshua’s trajectory in life, and developed an ongoing passion for not only his own inner-world exploration but also helping others do the same.

Since that time, Joshua has participated in several Vipassana meditation courses in Australia, along with other meditative practices. Joshua has also participated in a number of plant medicine ceremonies with an Indigenous community in Ecuador, and a Vision Quest in northern New South Wales.

In 2016 Joshua experienced his first breathwork session and immediately enrolled to train as a practitioner. Through this training, his own ongoing breathwork practice, and work with clients, Joshua understands the transformative and vital role breathwork has on our individual and collective psyche. Joshua’s interests include the use of breathwork to support material related to the LGBTQI community, further exploring material from plant medicine journeys (and other altered-state experiences), and supporting clients with anxiety and depression.

Joshua is a member of both the Australian Breathwork Association (and governed by its Code of Ethics) and the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). Joshua is currently participating in a breathwork mastery program. In June 2019, Joshua will attend the IBF international conference at the Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA.

In addition to his work as a breathwork practitioner, Joshua works as a senior researcher in the Australian public service, and has worked in academia, specifically the development sector in Asia and the Pacific. He studied Arts/Asian Studies (specialising in Indonesia language studies) at the Australian National University, Canberra.