Josh has such a kind and gentle manner that I immediately felt comfortable and safe in his presence. With his caring guidance during our breath work sessions, I learned things about myself that I hadn't even realised were holding me back.


Breathwork with Josh has helped me grow and connect with myself in a way I couldn’t have imagined was possible. I felt that Josh heard and saw me deeply; he provided a safe space and level of ‘being with’ that allowed me to process and awaken aspects of myself in my own authentic way.

I would recommend Josh to anyone willing to explore their inner world and open to more of what life has to offer.


I have been having regular Breathwork sessions with Josh since February 2018 and I have noticed a huge difference in my daily life. I feel Breathwork really helped me see my worth as a human being and has given me a deep understanding in my past life (birth, childhood, relationships…), which helps me to deeply and completely love and accept myself as I am. I am continuing to practice Breathwork with Josh and more I practice, more I discover infinite parts of myself. Josh is very professional and has put me completely at ease. I would highly recommend Breathwork sessions with Josh to anyone who needs to discover themselves. Thank you so much.


I regard the breathwork offered at Transition Breath to be the best forms of meditation or therapy I have ever taken part in, I find it hard to express how much gratitude I have for breathwork. From the beginning Josh from Transition Breath made me feel so welcome and comfortable to explore and work through my emotional and mental health issues. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity partake in breathwork, doing so I was able to address mental health issues and trauma from a young age.

Transition Breath has given me a new way to look at my past, my future and my life in the present. I am truly grateful for breathwork.


My experience and growth through the breathwork method has been exponential. Opening myself to this alternative therapy has been one I am truly grateful for. Challenging myself to look at my struggles and experiencing the different aspects that breathwork can explore, has been very helpful. I found myself feeling completely safe, supported and understood by Josh and I could not recommend him highly enough.