A first-timers experience of an international breathwork conference

Want to know what it’s like to attend an international breathwork conference? Here are my reflections about the experience and what I’ve gained from the journey to Joshua Tree National Park for the 24th Global Inspiration Conference.

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Transition Breath update - May 2019

Transition Breath has had a busy May, with a number of events and activities held throughout the month. Here is the latest news: 

Walking and breathing meditation in Namadgi National Park

On 11 May 2019, twelve people came together to breathe and meditate at Booroomba Rocks in Namadgi National Park. This event included Wim Hof, traditional plant medicine, guided meditation and the introduction of a number of useful breathing techniques for daily emotional support. It also encouraged engagement and quiet reflection on the natural world and with other participants. 

The second meditation is scheduled for Saturday, 8 June (event details available here) and will be more focused on quiet contemplation in the bush, rather than just climbing to the destination. There are still a number of spaces available, so please come along with you feel called for some nature therapy.

In the months ahead, other locations will be used to offer people an opportunity to further explore the beautiful landscape of the ACT. In addition, I am currently in the process of developing an LGBTIQ+ program, which I hope to roll out in the months ahead. 

Corporate program 

The Senate, at the Australian Parliament House, launched its first Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which was accompanied by a number of wellbeing workshops between 13 and 17 May.

Transition Breath offered meditation and breathing workshops, which received rave reviews from Senate employees. For many, this was the first time they had experienced the valuable effect meditation and breathing exercises have on mental wellbeing.

If you or our workplace is interested in developing a similar program (full, half day, or regular meditation classes) then contact info@transitionbreath.com or go to https://www.transitionbreath.com/workshops

Breathing/meditation consultations

Sometimes, you may not be feeling up for an "activated" breathwork session, but may still feel the need for engaging with your breath in a therapeutic space. If so, Transition Breath now offers Breathing and Meditation Consultations. These consultations include:

  • a check-in discussion and reflection on the material that you bring into the session;

  • a number of movement exercises to help you become embodied;

  • a number of breathing exercises (non-activated); and

  • a guided meditation.

Each session goes for approximately one hour. More information available at https://www.transitionbreath.com/bookings

Global Inspiration Conference 2019 - Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

On 22 June 2019, breathwork enthusiasts from across the world are meeting for the annual Global Inspiration Conference, which this year is held at Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA. For one whole week participants are immersed in everything related to breathing, meditation, dance, conscious conversation and much more. I am extremely excited to attend this event, which will include workshops with some of the best and most experienced breathwork practitioners in the world. For more information go to http://gic2019.com/

Unfortunately, my attendance at this event will mean my clinic will be closed from 20 June to 22 July, so get in contact if you'd like to schedule an appointment before this time. 

Climate change and other writing

In case you missed them, I've written a number of articles that have focused on climate change, and the cultural and spiritual significance of the breath. The topic of climate change has become a particular focus, and with weather events likely to increase in severity, the emotional impacts of these events are likely to be magnified too. For further information about the linkages between climate change and mental health, see https://www.transitionbreath.com/climatechange. Otherwise, my most recent articles are:

Expanded opening hours

Transition Breath has expanded its hours to now include every Friday, from 9am to 6pm. Otherwise, you can book an appointment for:

  • Tuesday evenings from 6pm

  • Wednesday evenings from 6pm

  • Thursday evenings from 6pm

  • Weekends by appointment

Contact Joshua at info@transitionbreath.com if you'd like to make an appointment.

Breath well everyone,


World Breathing Day: A global perspective of the healing nature and spiritual importance of breath

The relationship between our breath and life is symbolically demonstrated in a breathwork session through our inhale and exhale. Our inhale is how we take life in. Is it shallow? Is it held? Is it full? Whilst our exhale is symbolic for how to respond to life. Is it controlled? Is it forced? Is it surrendered? For me, I became acutely aware of this relationship (and how it plays out during my breathwork sessions) whilst at work. The more aware I became of my breath, the more I came to realise I was holding my breath whilst at work, which subsequently manifested as extreme anxiety and an inability to act. Through my own breathwork practice I have been able to remain conscious of my breath, and re-pattern this behaviour, reduce my anxiety and respond more effectively to the stresses of my work environment.

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Walking and breathwork meditation in Namadgi National Park

On 11 May 2019, Transition Breath is hosting a walking meditation to Yankee Hat in Namadgi National Park. The facilitator will guide participants to connect with their body, their breath and to consciously and silently engage with the beautiful landscape found at Yankee Hat walking track. Further information can be found here.

The day will proceed as follows:

10am- Participants will meet at Yankee Hat walking track carpark, where they will be guided to engage with their body and their breath. This will be followed by an intention setting discussion, smudging ceremony and rapé (pronounced ha-PAY, a sacred tobacco ash, optional).

11am- Participants will then, in silence, walk along the path to Yankee Hat, and are encouraged to remain present and be interactive with the Land (approx. 1.5 hour walk).

12.30pm- Once everyone has arrived at a Yankee Hat, the facilitator will conduct another meditation, followed by a discussion about participants' thoughts, feelings and interaction with the environment. Light snacks and tea will be shared before the walk back to the trail's carpark (approx. 2.5 hours).

3pm- A final debrief will be shared upon return, and thereafter participants are free to return to Canberra.

A climate of change: a therapeutic response to climate change

Climate change is not just about the climate. It is an individual and collective event that is forcing emotional, environmental, political, economic, spiritual and social change upon humanity.

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