World Breathing Day: A global perspective of the healing nature and spiritual importance of breath

The relationship between our breath and life is symbolically demonstrated in a breathwork session through our inhale and exhale. Our inhale is how we take life in. Is it shallow? Is it held? Is it full? Whilst our exhale is symbolic for how to respond to life. Is it controlled? Is it forced? Is it surrendered? For me, I became acutely aware of this relationship (and how it plays out during my breathwork sessions) whilst at work. The more aware I became of my breath, the more I came to realise I was holding my breath whilst at work, which subsequently manifested as extreme anxiety and an inability to act. Through my own breathwork practice I have been able to remain conscious of my breath, and re-pattern this behaviour, reduce my anxiety and respond more effectively to the stresses of my work environment.

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Walking and breathwork meditation in Namadgi National Park

On 11 May 2019, Transition Breath is hosting a walking meditation to Yankee Hat in Namadgi National Park. The facilitator will guide participants to connect with their body, their breath and to consciously and silently engage with the beautiful landscape found at Yankee Hat walking track. Further information can be found here.

The day will proceed as follows:

10am- Participants will meet at Yankee Hat walking track carpark, where they will be guided to engage with their body and their breath. This will be followed by an intention setting discussion, smudging ceremony and rapé (pronounced ha-PAY, a sacred tobacco ash, optional).

11am- Participants will then, in silence, walk along the path to Yankee Hat, and are encouraged to remain present and be interactive with the Land (approx. 1.5 hour walk).

12.30pm- Once everyone has arrived at a Yankee Hat, the facilitator will conduct another meditation, followed by a discussion about participants' thoughts, feelings and interaction with the environment. Light snacks and tea will be shared before the walk back to the trail's carpark (approx. 2.5 hours).

3pm- A final debrief will be shared upon return, and thereafter participants are free to return to Canberra.

A climate of change: a therapeutic response to climate change

Climate change is not just about the climate. It is an individual and collective event that is forcing emotional, environmental, political, economic, spiritual and social change upon humanity.

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